New to San Antonio and I am looking for some domestic details.
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I am moving to San Antonio, Texas in Jan'13 end. I will be moving with my family(wife and son).
My office will be on Wiseman Blvd, San Antonio, Texas 78251.  I have got good information from my colleague, but want to have some extra information. Please advise.
I came to know that there is a huge Indian community near Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX. But, from here my office is very far away and i dont have a car to commute on daily basis. So, can anyone advise where all can i choose a apartment, apart from Fredericksburg Road, where i can get some indian community and also which is near my office. I am looking for some indian community and a safe place for a indian family.

Or is there possibility to get car pooling from Fredericksburg Road to wiseman blvd on a daily basis.

Thanks in Advance for your responses...
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